Technology Enhanced Learning

At Bhagirathi, we use technology to empower our students and parents. Students master even the difficult concepts through interactive smart classes and learn languages using language labs. Parents can track performance of their wards through various means such as Online Management Software, Sms alerts and periodic visits by teachers.

  • Online school management software – Our schools are fully online i.e. with a simple click of a button you get updated with your child’s academic performance, attendance, health records and other relevant information.(updation on progress)
  • SMS Alerts – You get updated with latest changes and happenings at school through SMS, from your child’s attendances to bus timings to changes in schedule.
  • Digital Classes – Our classes are Digi Class. We have association with pearson group  which provides us digi class with world class content for our student carefully selected incorporated with best animations, videos and illustrations from renowned libraries such as  National geographic even customized content made for India.
  • Computer lab – Latest computer labs with his speed internet connectivity.
  • Language labs – English language labs powered by Pearson, enables students to have the correct English pronunciation and confidently communicate their views.
  • WI fi – All our campuses are Wi-Fi enabled
  • Active on Face book, Twitter & You Tube – Parents can update themselves on the latest happenings of the school through any of our Social sites.