We at Bhagirathi believe that parents are [our most essential partners]. Every parent tries nurture to one’s child as per his/her beliefs and convictions. Our team understands this passion within the parents and collaborates with them in creating confident future learners because the true learning goals can only be achieved if both the school and parents work in tandem.

In order to facilitate and ensure proper growth and development of any child, no school can work in isolation. We strive to maintain a regular communication with the parents about various school activities and day-to-day progress of the child.

Our school keeps parents abreast with all the happenings in the school through a variety of ways – such as online school management software, regular SMS alerts, emails, school Blogs, updates in student Diaries and physical letters.

Periodic parents-teacher meeting and individual appointments encourage parents to share their dreams, goals and concerns about their child. It also provides an opportunity for teachers to express their expectations from parents.

Home Visits – In order to strengthen the bond between school and parents, every year our teachers make home visits. It helps the mentors to have a better understanding of the children and the environment at their home, ultimately paving a smoother path towards their growth and progress. Simultaneously, we conduct term wise surveys among our parents to gather their views and valuable feedback about the school and its management. It helps us to improvise our services and offerings.


A to Z for Parents 

A:- ASK if you ever wonder Why, What, When or Whatever (Confident and informed parents make competent children)

B:- BE PRESENT – Make time to visit school. Your presence indicates to your child that his / her school is important to you also.

C:- CARE, COMMUNICATE and be CONNECTED with their world. Find out what interests them.

D:- DEVELOP punctuality as a habit and share the school’s idea of discipline. We need to respect regularity and positive attitude.

E:- EVOLVE and learn with them. They teach you something new everyday.

F:- FOCUS on the family -immediate and extended – happy family gives strong roots.

G:- GRANDPARENTS play a very important role in Character Building.Give them the opportunity to contribute to the growth of the little ones.

H:- HEALTH AND HYGIENE for the children. Which will make them physically and mentally strong.

I:- INDEPENDENCE and INTERDEPENDENCE, encourage them to make little decisions and never hesitate to ask for or offer help.

J:- JOIN hands with the school to help your and our’ children to fly high.

K:- KEY to successful school year includes good communication between home and school.

L:- LEARNING to share toys, skills and even lunch at times.

M:-MERIT cards that your child will earn instead of ranks in class.

N:- NURTURE your child’s creativity and interest. They shape their personality.

O:-OUTINGS are great learning experiences.Be sure to incorporate some in your schedule.

P:- PTMs( Parent teacher meets) are very important for both us and for you. Both the parents are expected o come to the school at the appointed time. Please take them seriously.

Q:- QUESTIONS, QUERIES and concerns of the children must be addressed and answered. Make time for them.

R:- READING HABITS must be inculcated. We will do our bit. You could help us by reporting what you ‘Read At Home’ with your children.

S:- SUPPORT THEM and STAND BY THEM. They need you. It gives them the strength to make the right choices.

T:-  TOUCH your children and give them hugs.

Let them know how much they are loved even on the not so good days.

U:- Be UNDERSTANDING. See their point of view. It is an investment that pays amazing dividends.

V:-  VOLUNTEER to help in any way you can – time, resources, ideas etc.

After all our goal is the same.

W:- WARNING signals must be heeded. Any loss of appetite,

unnecessary weeping or preference for being alone needs immediate attention.

X:- Please send an EXTRA set of clothing for the little ones so that when the need arises we are prepared.

Y:- YOU are your child’s first and most important teacher.No one can influence yourchild’s life in a way that you can.

Z:- ZOOM! Sit back and watch your child’s development. You will be amazed at the changes in your child this year.